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, maintaining safe environments for women, but the actual consequence of these laws andhey are limiting access when it comes to the abortion living -- limiting access to a safe early form of abortion. a lot of conservatives really fight hard against later abortions and medications are one of the early sources of abortion you can get. id issue, theoter newspaper wrote an article on this. they'll are the medical hospital in texas. it says -- 2000ll the turmoil in the election that ultimately led to george w. bush becoming president instead of al gore. as a country we need to take vital steps to ensure the integrity of elections. the first step is to ensure that legally ableo are to vote vote. that is a student newspaper. writes "i'd say the war on women would include calling them to stupid to keep an id to vote." another comment "all that necessary application can be expensive." and "isn't there a federal law that trumps these voter id laws?" lauren williams? questions.any in that baylor editorial, i think the writer said -- meaning to reinforce or create more faith in the system, i think step o
nomination for governor worth in 2014. what's the political environment? if the previous caller is right from florida, the affordable care act, obama care is the dominant theme, it's negative, then that would argue pretty strongly scott would get re-elected in all of the things being equal. if not, it might go to the other direction. host: let's turn to new jersey. the race wednesday with chris cristi seeking re-election. here's one of the latest ads by the christie campaign. >> i've been doing it 23 years never seen a governor up here before. >> he cares. he's not just going to do what he thinks people want to hear. >> the governor was doing what he thought needed to be done. e will doesn't take crap from no one. this is jersey, that's what we need. we were devastated. i don't think any other governor would have been able to do the job he's done. governor christie has our support. host: the question is not whether he's going to win but what percentage and who votes for him among the so-called reagan democrats or blue collar democrats. guest: i think he'll win by a big margin. i wouldn't pick
and in today's environment, one in seven people are driving without insurance. focus onhey going to people keeping their insurance or are they going to walk in and take one months worth of insurance and stopped paying on it? there are too many unanswered questions. the bottom line as far as the white house -- everyone in there should be fired if he truly was not made aware of what was going on. host: on that point -- aides dismiss suggestions that obama did not pay attention on either of these areas. i said the president was deeply nations on the surveillance practices, but was focused on those areas that constituted the major threats to the united states. he had no reason to suspect that of merkel or other leaders close allies were being cap. on health care, aides said that mr. obama had been fixated on details of the laws carrying out and that advisers did not withhold information but were likewise surprised by the scope of the problem. , are you still there? what do you think? jober: if i did not do my right, i would not still have a job. we are going to go to gym in chicago -- jim in c
in this whole environment. contractors will have to get thatyou have got to have ths on and the power coming at you. host: have you visited the site? guest: i would like to, sure. there are a variety of places around the country where we have intelligence, my plan is to talk to theoperators, talk folks manning this around the world. there are members of congress who do those things when you're on the committees and it goes to to her. laura here, saying -- " watch like a hawk, no one is aware of the breath or depth of these programs your co guest: we are, but the problem is we cannot communicate that to the american people, have not found a way to communicate that to the people. we on the committee are trying to figure out how we can do that , without disclosing sources and methods, without tipping our hand to the bad guys, how can we begin to tip our hand and build confidence for the american people yeah co we are trying to find that sweet spot, so to speak, of doing that and still perfecting the country, but giving the people some confidence that this is being done appropriately and that th
: i am one of those guys working to improve our environment, i have done that locally and in my own community. i will support laws that allow us to do that. we can have a debate on the severity. my concern is a can trigger other issues, so i want to make --e we are defining series theories, that they do not affect how we put laws in. let's all agree we have too much air pollution coming in from the bay area into my district, and figure out how we can solve that in the central valley thomas a let's all that -- valley, a let's solve it in your area. there are things he can do. we all agree we can improve our climate, our community. i am all for it. host: let's go to sam in anchorage, alaska. he is a democrat on our line for undocumented immigrants. caller: of. -- hello. for 18 years.ere my wife is a citizen, and my kids are citizens, and if i go back to my country, i cannot come back for 10 years. i am stuck here. i am wondering when you will bring the immigration bill on the floor in the house. i know three republicans are supporting the democrats built. is there any hope you bring t
never been through this kind of environment before where we have faced millions of foreclosures and banks have had hundreds of thousands of people asking for help. the banks were simply not good at handling the volume. they had never faced this volume before. one of them sound like what you described where they would let you make a trial modification for three months, and if you made the payment, they were supposed to convert modification to permanent modification. very good not always at managing the processes. have is very automated. when you introduce new programs like this, it has been very difficult for banks to manage them effectively. a lot of people have fallen through the cracks. unfortunately this has resulted in foreclosures that maybe could have been avoided. an individual rights in, there was an insurance company most farmers use com farmers union. wonder what happened to that? guest: that is something i would have to look up. i am not familiar with the farm credit system. jean on the independent line. you were on with nick timiraos. caller: thank you to c-span for
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6